The development and learning of young children depends on how safe they feel, as well as how properly the environment has been prepared to give them attention, love, care and respect. At Integrarte, we are prepared to be with them in that development and learning stage.

At Integrarte, we know how to encourage children towards their self-realization, that is, the process of individualization. This development occurs through autonomous sensory-motor interaction with their surroundings.  

Just as children have different personalities, their ways of learning are also different. At Integrarte Family Child Care, we offer a variety of alternatives: spaces, stimuli, sensory play, possibilities to experiment, discover, move and meet their needs according to their rhythm and style of each child

Each child brings their own resources according to their needs to gradually strengthen their development and self-control faculties.

“When a child acts on his own initiative and interest, he acquires much stronger skills and knowledge than when we try to teach him”

Emmi Pikler

“If the emotions are free, the intellect will take care of itself”

Alexander Sutherland Neill


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